• HQ MND-SE continues training with Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 2017

    Date published: 07/10/2017
    BUCHAREST, Romania - HQ MND-SE personnel are conducting the Exercise DACIAN GUARDIAN 2017 (DG17) during 10-16 July 2017. DG17 is a Command Post Exercise (CPX) / Computer Assisted Exercise (CAX), which will allow HQ MND-SE to execute command over Bulgarian and Romanian manoeuvre brigades in order to enhance interoperability, build readiness, demonstrate capability, and reinforce deterrence measures in Europe. DG17...(mai mult)
  • NATO troops back home safe after deploying for NOBLE JUMP 17

    Date published: 06/21/2017
    CINCU, Romania - Military personnel of NATO headquarters celebrate the end of exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017, all NATO troops being safely redeployed to their home military bases. Professionalism, common effort and strong cooperation within the militaries have been the key of the entire deployment-redeployment process of NATO forces. NOBLE JUMP 2017 was a short-notice exercise designed to train the operational...(mai mult)
  • Welcoming the NATO's new member nation

    Date published: 06/09/2017
    BUCHAREST, Romania - HQ MND-SE welcomed the Ambassador of Montenegro to Romania today, in order to celebrate NATO’s newest member nation. Since its foundation in 1949, NATO has progressively grown from 12 to, now, 29 nations in Europe and North America, enabling almost a billion people to live a fuller and happier life. “Securing our future and values together”, is...(mai mult)
  • New Chief of Staff assigned to HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 05/18/2017
    BUCHAREST, Romania – Personnel from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) and NATO Force Integration Unit ROU organized a farewell ceremony for BG Vișan, and welcomed the HQ MND-SE new Chief of Staff, Colonel Marinel MARE. “Starting with a small team but very dedicated, we developed a strategy in order to fulfil the provisions of JFCNP Implementation Plan; I would...(mai mult)
  • Final coordination before NATO Exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017 starts

    Date published: 04/27/2017
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) organized in its barracks the table-top exercise/ rehearsal of concept drill for NATO Exercise NOBLE JUMP 2017 (NOJP17). Last 2 days activity gave the opportunity to the key stakeholders involved in the exercise to successfully rehearse the concept of deployment to assure that the execution will occur as planned. “We had...(mai mult)