• We grew as a team during "Social Week"

    Date published: 06/28/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania – “Social Week” was a perfect opportunity for Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) personnel to bond. We work and train together, we learn from each other in this multinational environment and, sometimes, we have fun together. During “Social Week”, organized between 25 and 29 of June, HQ MND-SE personnel participated in cultural activities, sport competitions or visited...(mai mult)
  • The Romanian Minister of National Defence congratulated HQ MNDSE DCOM

    Date published: 06/26/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Mihai Fifor, the Romanian Minister of National Defence, congratulated Deputy Commander of Multinational Division South-East for his active involvement in “WeAreNATO” campaign. Brigadier General Thomas Carden, Jr. received a letter in which the Romanian Minister of National Defence thanked him for spreading the news about HQ MND-SE role and activity on the South-Eastern flank of the Alliance...(mai mult)
  • General Chief of the Portuguese Army Staff impressed by this "unit of excellence"

    Date published: 06/22/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania - General Chief of the Portuguese Army Staff, General Frederico Jose Rovisco Duarte, visited Headquarters Multinational Division South-East barracks and congratulated all the personnel for their hard work, a real big challenge from the foundation until now. He emphasized that he was impressed by the warm and friendly welcoming and by the strong image of “competence, high dedication...(mai mult)
  • UK Ambassador awarded British HQ MND-SE officer

    Date published: 05/09/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Multinational Division South-East had distinguished visitors: British Ambassador to Romania, Paul Brummell and British Deputy Permanent Representative to NATO, Nick Pickard. They learnt a lot of details about HQ MND-SE role and mission, especially after achieving Final Operational Capability at the end of March 2018. British Ambassador to Romania, Paul Brummell said it was “a great pleasure”...(mai mult)
  • Mission Accomplished!

    Date published: 03/24/2018
    CINCU, Romania - „It is a great honour for me to be here today and to report „Mission Accomplished!” on behalf of the personnel, the men and women working within Headquarters Multinational Division South-East. It has been a period of tremendous work, a period where we had this goal in our minds: to be able to achive the standards according...(mai mult)