• "100 for Romania" - Major Bogdan Rebenciuc

    Date published: 10/29/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Major Bogdan Rebenciuc from Operations Center of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) was chose to take part in ”100 for Romania” campaign, launched by Romanian Ministry of National Defence on the occasion of 100 anniversary of Romania Unity. "Attitude, dignity and posture are defining elements of the military. All of this we noticed at the military...(mai mult)
  • "100 for Romania" - Staff Sergeant Adrian Coșug

    Date published: 10/29/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania – 36 years old Staff Sergeant Adrian Coșug is a member of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQMND-SE). He joined this headquarters in November 2015, 2 months after the establishment of HQ MND-SE and the colleagues say about him that he is a workahoolic. ”The biggest challenge in a NATO headquarters was that everythihng was being built from zero,...(mai mult)
  • HQ MND-SE actively contributing to increase the value of Romanian soldiers

    Date published: 10/08/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania – Headquarters Multinational Division South-East continues to contribute to the increase value of Romanian soldiers at NATO standards. HQ MND-SE is developing a program of trainings on different functional areas for Romanian soldiers. Every training lasts for 2 weeks. These days, subject matter experts from the Headquarters trained a new group of representatives from Romanian force structures in...(mai mult)
  • Admiral Manfred Nielson, DSACT: ”You are on the right track”

    Date published: 10/04/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania – Deputy Commander of Supreme Allied Command Transformation, Admiral Manfred Nielson, paid an official visit to Romania. Besides a meeting with the Romanian Chief of Defence, General Nicolae Ionel Ciucă, the schedule of the NATO official included visits of information at Romanian National Defence University (UNAp), HQ MND-SE and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU Romania). At HQ...(mai mult)
  • The magnificent four from HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 10/01/2018
    BUCHAREST, Romania – 4 officers from HQ MND-SE got accepted at the Command Master course, organized by the Romanian National Defence University. They are major Robert-Gabriel Goia, major Cristina Iorgulescu, major Bogdan-Iulian Muraru and captain George-Ion Toroi. The 4 officers activated on key positions within HQ MND-SE, fact that helped them acumulate the experience and knowledge necessary to pass the...(mai mult)