• HQ MND-SE celebrated 4 years since its establishment

    Date published: 09/03/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - On 1 st of September 2019, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East celebrated 4 years since its establishment. As a sign of appreciation for the contributing nations of this multinational NATO force structure, HQ MND-SE organized Flag raising and national anthem intonation Ceremony. Beside the headquarters personnel, were invited military attaches from TCN and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania...(mai mult)
  • Change of Command at HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 08/21/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Change of command at Headquarters Multinational Division South-East. Major General Daniel Petrescu, COM of HQ MND-SE since August 2017, was promoted to Lieutenant General and he turned over the command to Major General Iulian Berdilă. At the solemn ceremony, held at the premises of this NATO headquarters, attended also the Romanian Chief of Defence, General Nicolae Ionel...(mai mult)
  • NFIU Romania was re-certificated

    Date published: 06/30/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania – NATO Force Integration Unit – Romania (NFIU Romania) was re-certified by the Romanian authorities and it is able to perform its mission at the high standards required by NATO. This re-certification took place during Saber Guardian 2019 Exercise, exercise led by US Army Europe in cooperation with Romanian Land Forces. The evaluation team was coordinated by the...(mai mult)
  • DCOS Support from JFCNP visited HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 06/15/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania – MG Werner Josef Haumann, the Deputy Chief of Staff for Support from Allied Joint Force Command Naples (JFC-NP), visited HQ MND-SE. During his visit, Major-General Haumann was briefed about the accomplishments and the future activities of this NATO structure, and also the contribution of the headquarters in Saber Guardian 2019 multinational Exercise. ”I appreciate the quick progress...(mai mult)
  • Soldiers from HQ MND-SE in Saber Guardian 2019 Exercise

    Date published: 06/11/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania – Soldiers from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) represent the second training audience during Saber Guardian 2019 Exercise. For 3 days, they were under serious pressure trying to solve all the incidents they faced, proving their professionalism. There were 3 days of maximum intensity battle training; three days in which the soldiers had to react and respond...(mai mult)