• We are currently looking for a WEB Developer and a WEB Designer

    Date published: 01/30/2020
    Recently graduated and looking forward to gaining valuable work and research experience in the domain of Web/Graphic Design? This is the story of an offer of such an amazing opportunity within NATO Headquarters in Bucharest, Romania. We are currently looking for a WEB Developer and a WEB Designer to join our team as interns during a 6 month Internship Program...(mai mult)
  • HQ MND-SE joined the National Military Parade of Romania

    Date published: 12/02/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - For the 4 th year consequently, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East personnel had the honor to participate to the National Military Parade for the National Day of Romania, on the 1 st of December. It was a big honor, but also a big responsibility to represent all the 14 troops contributing nations that have personnel in this NATO...(mai mult)
  • Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO visited HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 09/10/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO, Air Chief Marshal Sir Stuart Peach, has visited Multinational Division South-East premises in Bucharest, Romania to discuss the role the HQ plays in the Alliance’s mission of deterrence and defence. NATO’s most Senior Military Officer discussed how the headquarters supports and coordinates the Enhanced Forward Presence Battlegroups with Commander of...(mai mult)
  • HQ MND-SE celebrated 4 years since its establishment

    Date published: 09/03/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - On 1 st of September 2019, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East celebrated 4 years since its establishment. As a sign of appreciation for the contributing nations of this multinational NATO force structure, HQ MND-SE organized Flag raising and national anthem intonation Ceremony. Beside the headquarters personnel, were invited military attaches from TCN and NATO Force Integration Unit Romania...(mai mult)
  • Change of Command at HQ MND-SE

    Date published: 08/21/2019
    BUCHAREST, Romania - Change of command at Headquarters Multinational Division South-East. Major General Daniel Petrescu, COM of HQ MND-SE since August 2017, was promoted to Lieutenant General and he turned over the command to Major General Iulian Berdilă. At the solemn ceremony, held at the premises of this NATO headquarters, attended also the Romanian Chief of Defence, General Nicolae Ionel...(mai mult)