Brigadier General Ovidiu UIFĂLEANU

Brigadier General Ovidiu UIFĂLEANU was born on 30 June 1969 in Câmpia Turzii. Following his graduation from the Romanian Armoured Officers Military School in 1990, he served as Platoon leader, and later as Company Commander and OF-3 in the 6th Armoured Regiment and the 52nd Armoured Battalion. During this period, he completed the Armoured Company Commanders Course in 1993 and the Preparation Course on conscript’s domain in 1997.

Between 1999 and 2001 BG UIFĂLEANU attended the Military Academy for Commanding Officers in Romania. After graduation, he reported to the 6th Armoured Brigade where he served as an OF-3 for three years and then moved to General Military Staff as an OF-4 for two years.

In 2005 he completed the Post Academic Course for Peace Keeping Operations, as well as civil-military cooperation, PSYOPS, INFOOPS, humanitarian assistance and relief courses.

Assigned as the 812th Infantry Battalion Commander in 2006, BG UIFĂLEANU deployed with his unit to Afghanistan from 05 January to 19 July 2007. Following command, BG UIFĂLEANU became section chief at 4th Infantry Division Headquarters, then the Chief of Operations and Training at the 282nd Mechanized Brigade “Unirea Principatelor” where he deployed as the Deputy for the Operations Chief at Combined Team Zabul (CTZ) from Afghanistan Theatre of Operations. For outstanding results achieved in his professional duties, he was exceptionally promoted to the rank of colonel in 2012.

In June 2013 he was appointed as the Executive Officer (Deputy Commander) for the 282nd Mechanized Brigade.

On the February 1, 2014, BG UIFĂLEANU took the command of the 81st Mechanized Brigade „General Grigore Bălan”. In December 2014 he was promoted to Brigadier General.  

On September 1, 2015 BG UIFĂLEANU was assigned as the Commander of Multinational Division South-East Headquarters.

BG UIFĂLEANU’s awards and decorations include “Non Article 5” Badge, Land Forces Honour Emblem, Honorary Title “Veteran Soldier” for militaries, Romanian Armed Forces Honour Emblem, “Military Virtue” Decree for Knights Degree, Romanian General Staff Honour Emblem and the Honorary Symbol “Homeland Security Commitment” for 25 years of military.