NATO has got its 30th member: the Republic of North Macedonia.

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The Transatlantic Allies Family is, once again, enlarged. Since last Friday, March 27th 2020, NATO has got its 30th member: the Republic of North Macedonia.

This is our actual certainty, in a time of uncertainty: And this is why, from the HQ MND-SE, in line with the Romanian and Bulgarian Governments, we congratulate our Brothers in Arms from The Republic of North Macedonia. This is how we deter and how we are ready to defend, if need be: WE ARE NATO, the most successful political-military alliance in history. Hence, we must stick to NATO values; which not only fuel solidarity among all of us, but also provide us all with resilience in these changing times.

The expansion of the Alliance is normally a process long and challenging; as it was the case of most Central and Eastern European states. Notwithstanding, the inherent transformative power of the process itself; together with the transition of the whole society into a set of western community of values; will for sure get not only improvements in the security sector, but also progress in the whole society itself. 

Moreover, the Armed Forces are to be enhanced. In all NATO countries, the military play a key task in national efforts: In this COVID 19 Global Pandemic for instance, they contribute to performing planning activities, logistics, field hospitals, transport, and disinfection. The Republic of North Macedonia Armed Forces currently contribute to international peace and security in some NATO engagements, like in Afghanistan. Joint activities among other NATO Armed Forces will contribute both to the enlargement of defense capabilities and to the development of relations among nations.

The Honor Guard Battalion of the Republic of North Macedonia marching in a parade in the Triumph Gate, Bucarest, last December 1st, 2019; on the occasion of the 101 Anniversary of the National Day in Romania.