HQ MND-SE joined the National Military Parade of Romania

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BUCHAREST, Romania - For the 4th year consequently, Headquarters Multinational Division South-East personnel had the honor to participate to the National Military Parade for the National Day of Romania, on the 1st of December. It was a big honor, but also a big responsibility to represent all the 14 troops contributing nations that have personnel in this NATO headquarters plus Romania, the framework nation. They trained intensively for two weeks in order to march perfectly under the Arch of Triumph in Bucharest, the symbol of the Great Union of Romania, at its 101st anniversary.

More than 70 brave officers and NCOs from HQ MND-SE, Romanian and international, gathered with hundreds of colleagues from all Romanian big military units in Ghencea Training Field, under the cold November rain for the parade rehearsals. The commanders had to check that everything is well done and the military vehicles are synchronized with the soldiers. This year, the rehearsals were done on a muddy training field, on November windy days. It happened three times, in three different days. At the last one in Ghencea, journalists were invited to see how the military parade is going to be on the big day. On the eve of the parade, it was organized a final joined rehearsal at the Arch of Triumph.

On Sunday, December 1st, HQ MND-SE detachment was commanded by MG Iulian Berdila, the commander of this NATO headquarters. HQ MND-SE detachment was a small part of those 4.000 militaries who participated this year to the National Military Parade. They were applauded by thousands of Romanians, including a lot of children, who had come specially to see the big parade and to celebrate the Great Union, the National Day of Romania, under the national flag.

It was a very emotional experience for HQ MND-SE international officers, who joined this event for the first time. They marched with their national flag under the Arch of Triumph, a monument dedicated to the heroes from the 1st World War.     

We work together, we train together, but also, we celebrate together!!