Change of Command at HQ MND-SE

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Change of command at Headquarters Multinational Division South-East. Major General Daniel Petrescu, COM of HQ MND-SE since August 2017, was promoted to Lieutenant General and he turned over the command to Major General Iulian Berdilă. At the solemn ceremony, held at the premises of this NATO headquarters, attended also the Romanian Chief of Defence, General Nicolae Ionel Ciucă. He congratulated the two military leaders and confessed that it was the first time in his career when he personally promoted two stars general to three stars general. “It is a great pleasure and honor to be in front of you and I congratulate you for all your achievements”, said General Ciucă.

During his farewell speech, after the passing of the official colors, Lieutenant General Daniel Petrescu said it was “a great honor, a privilege and a great responsibility also to serve in this NATO headquarters, especially during the achievement of the Full Capability of the HQ, in March 2018”. “I am very happy that I succeeded to complete my tour of duty. I wanted to be an example for you all. Now I`m leaving with the trust that we have created a successful team. I am very proud of you!" said the former commander of HQ MND-SE. Lieutenant General Petrescu was appointed Romanian Deputy Chief of Defence (DCHOD).

The new COM of HQ MND-SE, Major General Iulian Berdilă said he is honored and happy to carry on the responsability of the leadership of this headquarters and he promissed a further development of this NATO structure for the continuos service of the Alliance. Previously, MG Berdilă was chief of the Strategic Planning Directorate from Romanian Defence Staff, Aide-de-Camp for the Chief of the Romanian General Staff, NATO integration planner for the Romanian Land Forces Also he was brigade commander of the 81st Mechanized Brigade and battalion commander of the 2nd Infantry Battalion, 1st Mechanized Brigade in Zabul Province, Afghanistan in 2011.