Happy 70th Anniversary, NATO!

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BUCHAREST, Romania – On April 4th, 2019, NATO, the biggest defensive Alliance in history, celebrated its 70th anniversary. On that day, the Washington Treaty was signed by 12 founding members. HQ MND-SE personnel developed and engaged in a series of events that had the number 7 as a centerpiece to celebrate this anniversary together with soldiers from NFIU Romania and Headquarters Multinational Brigade South-East from Craiova. 

The first activities were the sports competitions: volleyball, swimming, running and tennis table. Representatives of CSA Steaua Bucharest, Army Sports Club, were kind enough to allow the competitors compete in their swimming pool and the volleyball hall. For a few days, soldiers gave up the camouflage and wore the training gear, trying to show their sportive skills.

The second event, created to celebrate NATO’s 70th anniversary, was the planting of 7 trees in front of the headquarters main building. Under the logo “7 trees for 7 decades”, soldiers and civilians from all branches of HQ MND-SE, Romanian and International, planted 7 Peace trees. We look forward to see them grow and giving us shade as we offer them security.

The third event was “NATO Challenge”, a contest that recreated the North Atlantic Council meeting. The role of the 29 ambassadors was played by 11th grade students from “Elena Cuza” National College and “Gheorghe Lazăr” National College from Bucharest and “Tudor Vladimirescu” National Military College from Craiova. The students had for mentors officers from HQ MND-SE and HQ MN BDE-SE. All the students and mentors worked so hard, the jury having problems to decide the winner of the competition.

Public Affairs Office proposed and supervised two important projects. One was the creation of “70 seconds for 70 years” video. The 70 seconds long video contains short anniversary messages of international soldiers from HQ MND-SE. The other was “70 thoughts for 70 years”. HQ MND-SE personnel, Romanian and international, wrote by hand short messages, stories, and wishes for NATO’s 70th anniversary. 70 of them were put together in a book that will be kept in the museum of HQ MND-SE. This book was presented to the Commander of HQ MND-SE during the military ceremony on 4th of April 2019.

All these activities and projects demanded a lot of effort and resources, but soldiers from HQ MND-SE could not pass the opportunity to be a part of the 70th anniversary of NATO. 

Happy 70th anniversary, NATO!