Facebook friend no. 5,000 invited to HQ MND-SE

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Headquarters Multinational Division South-East had a very special visitor. Friend number 5,000 of HQ MND-SE Facebook page was invited at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, organized into the barracks of this NATO​ Headquarters. It was the perfect opportunity to meet all the personnel, together with their families, at this relaxing and entertaining event for winter holidays.

Mister Eugen Boteanu, a freelancer television producer and cameraman, who gave a LIKE on HQ MND-SE Facebook page on the 5th of December, was called by Public Affair Office team, was congratulated for being the 5.000th friend and has been invited to visit this NATO headquarters. This is a rare privilege for an outsider. First, he thought it was a joke made by some friends, but after receiving an official invitation via e-mail he realized that this is real. Public Affairs Office team explained him that, starting now, every new thousand friend will get this chance as a recognition of their appreciation.  

Our new friend participated at the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, during which he received a Certificate of Appreciation from the Commander, Major General Daniel Petrescu, who congratulated him for being with us. Then, he took pictures with the communication team of the headquarters.

“I have to admit that I am so touched by your invitation and your kind welcoming. Also, I was very impressed by everything I saw here, by your amazing multinational team. Organizing this kind of events is such an extraordinary thing for the families. Congratulations!”, said Eugen Boteanu. He assisted to the artistic program of a Romanian military choir, he saw Santa Claus coming with gifts for children and he listened to carols sang by children from “Cireșarii” Shelter from Bucharest, the beneficiaries of the charitable campaign organized by the Headquarters Multinational Division South-East.  

We can't wait to invite and congratulate friend no. 6,000!