Happy anniversary, Romania!

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BUCHAREST, Romania – On December 1st, Romania celebrated 100 years from the Great Union. As usual on this occasion, the Military Parade for the National Day of Romania was organized. For the 3rd year in a row, soldiers from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) responded ”present!” to the invitation of representing their countries, NATO and the headquarters at this important event. The parade block of the soldiers from the headquarters was lead by the commander, Major General Daniel Petrescu.

Preparations for the Parade began 2 weeks prior to this. On the tank trainig field from Ghencea, the brave international soldiers, together with the Romanian ones faced with determination the cold wind, rain and even snow to be ready to perform at high standards for the centenarial anniversary of Romania. Nothing was left to chance. Everything was planned in detail for this headquarters to show what it represents the best: multiculturality, cohesion, the team. ”We fight together, we celebrate together” was the motto of this activity, keeping the moral high. ”If we don’t celebrate success, we tend to have less of them” said the DCOM of HQ MND-SE, BGEN Thomas Carden, Jr.

The program started very early on the 1st of December morning, when most of the people who were about to atend live this event were still sleeping. Soldiers from HQ MND-SE embarked in buses and commuted to the Arch of Triumph Square from Bucharest. 4 soldiers, included 3 internationals, were invited to give interview to DIGI24 TV station. They spoke about their relation with the Romanian soldiers and their favourite places in Romania. The commander gave his last indications, final retouches were made, soldiers aranged each-other their uniforms, and at 10.00 AM they were ready for the honorant marching under the Arch of Triumpf.

The parade block was constituted by the commander, platoon with the identification flag of HQ MND-SE, the NATO flag and the flags of all 14 troop contributing nations,  the CSEL and the platoon consisting of 55 Romanian soldiers. It was a great honor for all of them to take part at the most important activity organized for the National Day of Romania, many of them participating in the previous years at this event.

Soldiers from the headquarters will keep representing with honor their nations, NATO and HQ MND-SE at the next celebrations of Romania, state which is the framework nation for this headquarters.  

Happy anniversary, Romania!