Volunteers from HQ MND-SE donated blood

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Representatives from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East, Romanian and international, donated blood during a Charity campaign, organized by CIMIC branch of HQ MND-SE. The meal vouchers received by those who donated blood will be used to buy Christmas presents for children from „Cireșarii” shelter from Bucharest. It was the fourth time when volunteers from this NATO headquarters are donating blood with the support of the Transfusion Center of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence, who sent a mobile blood transfusion lab to their barracks.

All the volunteers emphasized that donating blood is good for your own health and a great opportunity to bond better with the local community. ”Donating blood means saving a life! It is important to help those who need blood and also it is very important to promote this kind of activities”, said lieutenant-colonel Nicolau, who donated blood for the second time in his life. He hope, at the end, children will have more pleasant Christmas holidays.     

Many of the participants were volunteers with a lot of experience in donating blood. A British lieutenant-colonel confessed that it is for the first time when he is doing this in Romania, but in the British Army he donated blood 5 times. ”We all need some help at some moment of our existence, so donating blood is a normal gesture”, said lieutenant-colonel Jenner.

One Romanian officer, who donated blood six time before, encourages everyone to help the others and save lives. Also, he highlighted the charitable aspect of this campaign. “Do not forget to be close to children in need, especially when winter holidays are coming”, said lieutenant-colonel Radu Burea. A young lieutenant confessed that he is donating blood on a regular base and he encourages everyone to do this on every opportunity they have. “Never refuse to donate blood! Say “No” only when you have medical problems”, declared the Romanian officer.      

Every volunteer from HQ MND-SE, Romanian and international, has been involved in this charitable campaign with the hope to raise awareness about the importance of blood donation and being generous to children in need.

This action had the full support of the Transfusion Center of the Romanian Ministry of National Defence. The chief of the center, LTC Dr. Florea Vlădescu, said it was a great joy to come back at HQ MND-SE barracks, where his team was received with big enthusiasm. ”The personnel of this headquarters exemplary mobilized. We thanked them for their devotion and generosity. Once again, they proved their altruism and the fact that they can involve in humanitarian actions beside their military missions”, said Dr. Vlădescu. In the last year, the number of people donating blood at the Transfusion Center of the Romanian MOD was more than double. The center is organizing mobile labs in military units and also in private companies and provides blood to 16 hospitals from Bucharest, included the Military Hospital.