Charity Fair organized by HQ MND-SE Social Club

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BUCHAREST, Romania - ”As one person, I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person”. This was the motto of the first edition of The Charity Fair, organized by HQ MND-SE Social Club into the barracks of Headquarters Multinational Division South East, in order to collect money for the children from ”Cireșarii” shelter in Bucharest. At the initiative of the wife of HQ MND-SE`s commander, ladies from this NATO headquarters, both militaries and civilians, and some wives of the soldiers baked traditional pies, cakes, ginger bread, jam, delicious sweets and even traditional cabbage rolls with polenta and they manufactured Christmas decorations, greeting cards, toys and candles.

There were dozens of products ranging from Spanish wine, Bulgarian Rakia, Romanian brandy or natural apple and pear juice to special gifts like canvas paintings and handmade flower arrangements. Everything was sold during The Charity Fair and a total amount of 5,900 lei was raised. At this joyful event were also invited representatives from NATO Force Integration Unit Romania (NFIU ROU), included the Deputy Commander`s wife, who was involved in manufacturing products.

The organizers of this event prepared a corner with free beverages (coffee, natural apple juice) and encouraged the visitors to buy food and having a real good time all together. And most important, they invited all the participants to be very generous.

The Charity Fair was such a great success not only because alt the products were sold in just 45 minutes (the event supposed to last two hours), but especially due to the fact that everybody was actively involved, with time, money products and a lot of good emotions. The ladies did their best in baking so many delicious sweets and making a lot of beautiful Christmas decorations. In some cases, they were helped by their kids or other member of the family, so this Charity Fair became not only an organizational event, but also a family event.