"100 for Romania" - Major Bogdan Rebenciuc

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Major Bogdan Rebenciuc from Operations Center of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) was chose to take part in ”100 for Romania” campaign, launched by Romanian Ministry of National Defence on the occasion of 100 anniversary of Romania Unity.

"Attitude, dignity and posture are defining elements of the military. All of this we noticed at the military high school students. I was only 13, when I, a child from the country, first saw them. I wanted to be like them: beautiful, strong, optimistic, educated, self-confident. I was a 7th grade student in Câmpulung Moldovenesc, freshly moved by my parents from countryside to the city to get a better education. At that age, we were looking for models," says Major Bogdan Rebenciuc. His first contact with military life took place in September 1997 when he discovered that behind the beautiful military image is hiding a lot of work, effort and deprivation. He discovered that nothing comes of its own, easy and fast. The advantage is that military youth can be trained on moral values such as dignity, fairplay, altruism, team spirit, values that remain impregnated forever.

After completing the military high school in 2001, he studied at the Land Forces Academy in Sibiu, where he graduated as an infantry lieutenant in 2005. A year later, the young officer became platoon commander at the 280th Infantry Battalion from Focşani and from this position he went in his first mission in Afghanistan, in 2009. "It was a truly special experience whereby any military should go first and foremost for his professional development."

His second mission was also in Afghanistan in 2012, when he served as a senior officer in the operations management center. Together with an entire team, he monitored and coordinated all ongoing missions, kept up-to-date and informed the commander of the operational situation in their area of responsibility, applied the procedures, and sent orders to the sub-units in case of incidents. And, unfortunately, there were a few. "I was directly involved in the rapid and safe evacuation of a Romanian soldier, seriously injured by the explosion of an improvised explosive device. Our quick intervention had saved our comrade's life. Everything we had learned became a reality and we had to act as it was a daily procedure", said Major Rebenciuc.

Then in Afghanistan, he actually gave the test to join the NATO headquarters in Bucharest. After 9 years in Focşani, in November 2015 Major Bogdan Rebenciuc got an important position at the Operations Center of the Headquarters Multinational Division of South-East. Thus, a child from the countryside, in love with military uniforms, has come to lead a NATO hub, the "heart" of the operation center which monitor, coordinate activities and conduct all operations as planned and approved by the commander, where are gathered all the information from the battlefield.