The magnificent four from HQ MND-SE

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BUCHAREST, Romania – 4 officers from HQ MND-SE got accepted at the Command Master course, organized by the Romanian National Defence University. They are major Robert-Gabriel Goia, major Cristina Iorgulescu, major Bogdan-Iulian Muraru and captain George-Ion Toroi. The 4 officers activated on key positions within HQ MND-SE, fact that helped them acumulate the experience and knowledge necessary to pass the difficult exam without a doubt. Their activity and expertize were a great help for the HQ MND-SE team, facts observed mainly during international exercises that they were involved in. Also, the leadership and friendship of these 4 role model soldiers were remarked in planning and executing the missions that they were entrusted with.

”I am proud of you because you did a great job. You didn`t passed the exams by chance. I thank you, I wish you good luck and I am sure that you are leaving with a lot of experience gained within HQ MND-SE". These are the words of the Commander of this NATO HQ for the four Romanian officers admitted to a Master program at the Romanian National Defence University.

For their dedication and activity within HQ MND-SE, the command group rewarded the new master students with the Diploma of appreciation and a present close to their hearts, the pin of HQ MND-SE.