We grew as a team during "Social Week"

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BUCHAREST, Romania – “Social Week” was a perfect opportunity for Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) personnel to bond. We work and train together, we learn from each other in this multinational environment and, sometimes, we have fun together.  During “Social Week”, organized between 25 and 29 of June, HQ MND-SE personnel participated in cultural activities, sport competitions or visited objectives outside the headquarters. HQ MND-SE team took the opportunity to meet outside the working place, in an informal environment, together with their families. Some chose to visit museums or parks, some others visited the surroundings of Bucharest or Prahova Valley, despite the unfriendly weather.

One day was dedicated to recreational activities that involved all the personnel. We light up the barbeque and enjoyed the company of our colleagues and their wonderful families, we got to know each other better, we grew as a team, we discovered common passions and hobbies and the children bonded very fast. The sport activities started right after the rain stopped.

The basketball 3 point throw contest got the attention and applauses of the audience and was by far the most enthusiastic and passionate contest. ”We supported with all our heart our colleagues; we were happy for their success and felt sad when the ball refused to get into the basket”, said one supporter. The most generous applauses were received by a lady, Cristina, who got the second place.  

Another sport event that attracted a lot of passion was the football competition. Those who lost this match had to do push-ups, being applauded by the winning team. ”In the end, we all are winners because we had the chance to know better our colleagues, we got involved in sport activities, our team spirit is higher and we had fun” said one member of the team that had to do push-ups.

"Social Week" was not only a great opportunity of relaxation, but also a moment of remembering the professional accomplishments and refilling the batteries for the challenges ahead.