Closer to final capability achievement

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BUCHAREST, Romania – In spring 2018 HQ MND-SE will perform ”Dacian Lancer 2018” exercise through which it will demonstrate final capability achievement. By reaching the final capability, HQ MND-SE will be able to ensure the command and control of an Article 5 NATO operation – Collective Defence, to contribute this way to the consolidation of Eastern Flank of the Alliance, to the security of the territory and population of member states. Being fully operational by spring, the headquarters will be a living proof of Romania fulfilling its objectives in the promised timeframe and in accordance with the Alliance's level of ambition and the adopted measures taken in 2014 at the Great Britain's Summit.

It all started on September 15th 2015 when Romanian 1st Infantry Division ”DACICA” was transformed into HQ MND-SE. Led by Major General Ovidiu-Liviu Uifăleanu, the small but very proficient core managed to transform an idea into a project and then put it in practice. From the initial capability (July 1st 2016), personnel from all over Romania and other 14 contributive countries came to work together at HQ MND-SE. The team expanded and very good work relations were formed due to the multinational character of HQ MND-SE. From the activation (December 1st 2015), HQ MND-SE personnel had to face many challenges in order to merge with all the demanding lines of efforts from the Implementation Plan. All that is achieved today is the result of a common effort between NATO structures. Guidance, supervising and precious pieces of advice of NATO experts were really useful and appreciated. They took care that the HQ personnel fit into the rigorous standards as fast and easy as possible. As a rewarding of their professionalism, experience and expertise, HQ MND-SE personnel were asked to help multinational exercises. Participating to these international exercises, the HQ MND-SE personnel had the opportunity to exchange valuable training experience in a joint environment with specialized personnel from other NATO structures.

In 2016 HQ MND-SE conducted exercises Dacian Lynx 2016 and DACIAN LANCE 2016, supported NATO exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2016 and US Army Europe (USAREUR) exercise SABER GUARDIAN 2016.

In 2017 HQ MND-SE conducted exercises Noble Jump 2017, which was a huge logistic effort, supported NATO exercise Trident Joust 2017 and US Army Europe (USAREUR) exercise Saber Guardian 2017.