HQ MND-SE played Santa Claus for children in need

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Headquarters Multinational Division South-East hosted a charitable event, dedicated to children from ”Cireșarii” Shelter from Bucharest.

The children were the beneficiaries of the entire humanitarian campaign run within the Headquarters, where volunteers, militaries and civilians, donated blood, and the incoming tickets were used to buy presents. Gifts for “Cireșarii” Shelter`s children were also purchased from the money raised at the Headquarter’s Christmas Ball raffle, which took place at the Central Military Circle Palace. In addition, HQ MND-SE personnel donated money, toys, clothes and supplies, which were received by the kids right before Christmas. The entire campaign was coordinated by the CIMIC bureau, which ensures the tight collaboration between civilians and militaries.

The festive moment of the evening was the Christmas tree lighting ceremony, organized at HQ MND-SE barracks. BGen Daniel Petrescu, the Commander of HQ MND-SE, pressed the button of the Christmas tree lights and started the party, surrounded by the families of the entire personnel and some of the children from ”Cireșarii” Shelter. For some of these children it was the first time in their lives that they met Santa Claus. Noticeable emotional and extremely happy, the little children welcomed Santa with traditional carols and poems, being rewarded with applauses and lots of gifts. The children took pictures with Santa near the Christmas tree, sang and danced and left with big smiles on their faces, thinking about the next year’s meeting with Santa Claus from HQ MND-SE.

This is the second year in a row when personnel from HQ MND-SE offered small joys for Christmas to the children from „Ciresarii” Shelter from Bucharest.