Volunteers from HQ MND-SE donated blood within a charity campaign

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Volunteers from Headquarters Multinational Division South-East donated blood in a campaign organized with the support of the Blood Transfusion Center of the Ministry of National Defense. The action took place on Nov 29 at HQ MND-SE barracks.

“Who saves a life, saves the whole world," seems to have been the motto of donors, who had several reasons for engaging in this humanitarian action. First of all, because there are so many people who need blood, being vital for transfusions and different surgeries. Secondly, blood donation is beneficial for the body, which is thus regenerating. But the most important reason was a charity: all the money raised from donating meal vouchers, received by donating blood, about 70 lei per volunteer, will be used to buy gifts for children from the Emergency Reception Center "CIREȘARII”, from 5th district of Bucharest.

"We donated blood and meal vouchers in order to buy gifts for kids. There is no more beautiful present than this one. I can`t wait to see their smiling faces. Each of us should do that. I am so happy", confessed Staff Sergeant, Gabriela Ruja. This young NCO participated in all three blood donation campaigns organized so far by Headquarters Multinational Division South-East.

“We donated blood because the Winter Holidays are coming and everyone should make kind gestures. In fact, we always need to make kind gestures. And donating money to children was another good reason", said Lieutenant Iulian Halip. "There is always a need for blood, but people are only aware of this when a close person needs blood," one of the organizers said.

This is the third time that Headquarters Multinational Division South-East is organizing a blood donation. The idea came out last year at a time when acute blood was needed.

Children from "CIRESARII" shelter will also benefit of the money raised at the raffle organized at the Winter Ball of Headquarters Multinational Division South-East, held this year at the National Military Circle.