Canadian National Military Representative visit to HQ MND-SE

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Headquarters Multinational Division South-East (HQ MND-SE) hosted a distinguished guest. Canadian National Military Representative to NATO, Brigadier General Greg Smith visited HQ MND-SE barracks and he took the chance to share information and experience with HQ MND-SE Commander, Brigadier General Daniel Petrescu.

Canadian National Military Representative to NATO had the opportunity to find out details about HQ MND-SE mission and goals, as a NATO force structure on the Eastern flank of the Alliance, and also to meet Canadian personnel assigned to the headquarters.

Brigadier General Greg Smith emphasized that Canada is a founding member of NATO with one of the highest records of operational participation. For over 100 years, Canadian soldiers, sailors and aircrew have served proudly in Europe alongside allies committed to the shared democratic principles of political and individual liberty, human rights and rule of law. “Our presence in Romania is an example of the continuation of that legacy and commitment”, said Brigadier General Greg Smith.

Today, there are 1.500 Canadian military personnel serving in Europe, working in collaboration with like-minded countries to deter aggression and promote regional security. “When our neighbors are more stable, we are more secure. To protect our territory, we must also project stability beyond our borders”, declared Canadian National Military Representative to NATO at the end of his visit to HQ MND-SE.

The current RCAF Air Task Force in Romania is the fourth such mission undertaken by Canada since NATO assurance and deterrence measures began in 2014. Also, it demonstrates Canada’s enduring commitment to NATO and is another example of its ability and willingness to assume a leadership role in the alliance.