Welcoming the NATO's new member nation

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BUCHAREST, RomaniaHQ MND-SE welcomed the Ambassador of Montenegro to Romania today, in order to celebrate NATO’s newest member nation.  

Since its foundation in 1949, NATO has progressively grown from 12 to, now, 29 nations in Europe and North America, enabling almost a billion people to live a fuller and happier life.

“Securing our future and values together”, is NATO’s core message. This is what the headquarters trains and gets ready for each day.

NATO’s door open policy has been one of the greatest contributions to the international peace and security.

During the ceremony, the Ambassador of Montenegro, his Excellency Milan Begovic reassured that Montenegro is ready to cope with all the implied responsibilities of being a NATO member.     

Today the Alliance is stronger. Montenegro became NATO’s newest member on 5th of June, when the instrument for its accession to Washington Treaty was formally deposited with the US State Department in Washington DC. This is NATO's first enlargement since 1 April 2009.

"Today, Montenegro joins NATO with a seat at the table as an equal, with an equal voice in shaping our Alliance, and its independence guaranteed", said NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg. “NATO will benefit from Montenegro’s insight into the Western Balkans and the professionalism, bravery and dedication of its men and women in uniform".

We, the members of the NATO Headquarters Multinational Division South-East, congratulate Montenegro for its adhesion to the Alliance. Welcome to NATO!!