Resolute Support Mission Commander visits HQ MNDSE

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Headquarters Multinational Division South East had a very distinguished guest.  The Commander of Resolute Support mission (RSM COM), US Army General John W. Nicholson, visited HQ MND-SE barracks on April 7.  He took the chance to thank Romania, one of the biggest troops contributing nations in Afghanistan, for its commitment within RSM and for the establishment of this NATO Headquarters in Bucharest.  

“Congratulations for all your hard and tremendous work. This headquarters is a really important capability of the Alliance”, said General Nicholson, Commander of Resolute Support mission. “Romanians are doing a great job in Afghanistan. You have reasons to be proud”.

Resolute Support Commander was received by HQ MND-SE Commander, Brigadier General Ovidiu Uifăleanu. As a NATO General, RSM COM Nicholson was introduced to current and future activities within the headquarters’ endeavor of reaching Full Capability in spring 2018.

The visit of RSM COM at HQ MND-SE barracks is a proof of the appreciation that NATO and US allies have for Romania contribution to global security and Eastern Flank of the Alliance. In the meantime, it is a “thankfulness visit" for the approximately 600 Romanian military working within RSM in Afghanistan.    

In fact, since his appointment, in March 2016, US Army General John W. Nicholson visited the main troops contributing nations in Afghanistan: last November, Germany, Italy and Georgia, which is the biggest non-NATO contributing nation to RSM, and this spring Great Britain, Romania and Turkey.

Resolute Support is a NATO led train, advice and assist mission, consisting of over 13,000 troops in Afghanistan, which began on the 1st of January 2015. It is a follow-on mission to International Security Assistance Force known as ISAF, which was completed at the end of December 2014. The objective of Resolute Support is to provide training, advice and assistance for the Afghan security forces and institutions. US Forces Afghanistan, which General Nicholson also commands, operates a counter-terrorism mission.