Military personnel within HQ MND-SE donate blood

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BUCHAREST, Romania - Volunteers from Headquarters Multinational Division South East (HQ MND-SE) donated blood at the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Centre, Wednesday, March 15.

Because a substitute for blood has not been yet discovered, donation is the only solution in order to meet the needs of blood and blood elements needed for transfusion therapeutics. Doctors and surgeons rely on blood donation to perform every day, a series of interventions that save people's lives or prolong it.

'' I firmly believe that each of us can do more, '' said NCO Alexandra Scîntee from HQ MND-SE. '' I am glad that we can help even with little to people’s health and that we can bring joy to children from orphanages we visit. ''

The activity follows the blood donation campaign in September of 2016 when vouchers collected together with other products donated by the staff of the HQ MND-SE were offered to children Orphanage "Cireşarii" in Bucharest.

The value tickets collected from today's activity will also be used in future small philanthropic activities.