HQ MND-SE on its way to certify Full Capability

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast personnel gathered according to their assigned deployment position in different locations within the headquarters’ barracks for a full gear inspection, on Monday, Feb. 27.

The main objective of today’s alert exercise was to check the combat equipment readiness for the whole personnel working in the headquarters.

Carrying a full combat rucksack, wearing their helmets and their individual combat gear each soldier was carefully inspected. 

‘’NATO takes individual and collective readiness extremely seriously and these types of alert exercises are required to maintain the highest standards of preparedness’’, said Brigadier General Benjamin Corell, Deputy Commander of HQ MND-SE. ‘’Today’s exercise was an important event in validating our current readiness. As we move forward we will build on the complexity and scale focused on achievement of full capability.’’