NATO Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast conducts first exercise, trains for command and control

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BUCHAREST, Romania – Multinational Division Southeast (MND-SE) headquarters trained to meet critical NATO readiness requirements and capabilities during its first exercise this week.

The exercise, titled "Dacian Lynx 2016,” is a command post and computer assisted exercise involving more than 250 personnel from 11 NATO nations who are training in three locations. The locations include HQ MND-SE and NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Romania in Bucharest, as well as NFIU Bulgaria in Sophia. 

"From what I have witnessed today, and from the reports I received from my staff as they observed exercise ‘Dacian Lynx,’ Headquarters Multinational Division Southeast is not only on track but exceeding our very stringent requirements,” said Allied Joint Force Command Naples commander, U.S. Navy Admiral Mark Ferguson, during a visit to the headquarters. "I am honored to be here to mark the significant progress made toward strengthening the NATO alliance. This progress was made possible by the hardworking and dedicated Romanian and international staff members here at Multinational Division Southeast."

JFC Naples serves as the operational command of HQ MND-SE and further sent 10 multinational staff members to advise and assist during the critical exercise.

The key focus of exercise "Dacian Lynx” was to test the ability of HQ MND-SE to command and control the NFIUs in Romania & Bulgaria during a contingency operation within NATO’s southeastern region.

"‘Dacian Lynx’ has been a great training opportunity and a good start for initially reviewing all the standard operating procedures and instructions, and subsequently preparing HQ Multinational Division Southeast to lead exercises and operations in Southeast Europe,” said the HQ MND-SE commander, Romanian Armed Forces Brigadier General Ovidiu Uifăleanu. "We have had great cooperation with the NATO Force Integration Units in Romania and Bulgaria and we have developed and demonstrated great coordination of host nation support for NATO forces in potential operations.”

As a national exercise, "Dacian Lynx” represented a key milestone in HQ MND-SE’s capability development toward a declaration of its initial operational capability at the Warsaw Summit in July 2016.